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The young rider became a celebrity in China

24.02.2021 194 просмотров

A touching young rider from the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Region (Sichuan Province, Southwestern China) conveyed his best wishes to everyone on the occasion of the Chinese Lunar New Year. 

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> His riding prowess was featured in an 8-episode documentary titled "Escape Poverty".

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minorities I.

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In the video, Piete Kehaalso invited Ding Zhen—a 20-year-old rider from Sichuan who is an internet celebrity in the country—to host racing together.

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Full episode including Pite Kehaand his stories about horseback riding and his friends in a rural kindergarten, aired on China Central Television (CCTV) on the evening of February 22.

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A boy was born into a farmer's family in a remote mountainous region of Sichuan province. Due to the lack of educational resources, local children such as Keha did not have access to pre-school education until, in recent years, the Chinese government allocated special funds to build kindergartens in poor areas under the program

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