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The year 5781 comes to Earth

17.09.2020 135 просмотров

In Israel, until September 18, they cleaned the Wailing Wall and prayed for the remission of sins.

In Jerusalem, on September 16, the guardians of the Wailing Wall armed themselves with long sticks, put on masks and gloves, which are now mandatory when they appear in public, and set off to “clean the Wall.” 


They have to scoop out of the cracks of the Cyclopean structure, the last undestroyed wall of the Temple of Solomon, the notes that the Jewish people address to the Almighty. 


Touching leaves with appeals to the Creator of the Universe are inserted between the stones in the hope that in this way the Deity will definitely hear the silent prayer of a believer, calling on the One who created both the visible and the invisible world.


Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovich, Jerusalem:

"As you can see, every year we clean the Wall. We clean the gaps between the blocks where people put their letters to God. To our great regret, this year, everything is not at all like the usual situation in the square in front of the Western Wall. After all, in one year, hundreds of thousands or even millions of people come to the Wall. Now we receive notes by e-mail. People ask to print them and put the Wall between the stones."


Yohanna Bisroar, Western Wall Heritage Foundation:

"This year is different from all others. On the eve of Rosh Hashanah, one of the main holidays of our religious calendar, there is usually nowhere for an apple to fall on the square. Tens of thousands of people come every evening to pray for Slikhot, that is, the forgiveness of their sins. And now there are no more than two and a half thousand people on the square, and on Friday everything will be blocked here. Of course It's a shame that on Yom Kippur people won't be able to get together to pray."


On the eve of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, celebrated 2 days in a row on the new moon of the autumn month of Tishrei, every self-respecting believer must repent for all the evil that he - freely or involuntarily - committed in the past year. For this, the so-called “10 days of repentance” or Slikhot, that is, prayers for the forgiveness of sins, are set aside. In 2020, Rosh Hashanah, symbolizing the sixth day of the creation of the world, when Adam was created, comes to Earth on September 18th. According to Judaism, the year is 5781.

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