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The world's largest flower Mickey Mouse appeared in the UAE

26.02.2018 278 просмотров

According to the Khaleej Times newspaper, the creation of the installation is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of Mickey Mouse. According to the publication, the 18-meter figure of a mouse consists of almost one hundred thousand flowers and plants with a total weight of about 35 tons. The whole structure rests on a steel frame, installed on a special foundation of 50 tons of reinforced concrete. 

“It took 45 days for a team of over 100 workers, designers, engineers and florists to create this sculpture,” said Dubai Miracle Garden creator and co-founder Abdel Nasser Rahal.

“Mickey Mouse is one of the most iconic and beloved characters in the world, and we are pleased that residents and visitors to the UAE will be able to see his image,” said Chafik Najia, Senior Vice President and General Manager of The Walt Disney Company. “This autumn, closer to Mickey's birthday (November 18), we will open six more installations with Disney characters in this park.”

The Khaleej Times notes that the sculpture is the first and only symbol of Disney, ever created in the Middle East, is already listed in the Guinness Book of Records. This is the third record for Dubai Miracle Garden: in 2013, the park held the record for "the largest vertical garden in the world." And in 2016, the management of the park received an award for the largest copy of the largest passenger airliner Airbus A380.

For reference:

Mickey Mouse is a popular cartoon character, one of the symbols of The Walt Disney Company. Officially, his birthday is November 18, 1928, when the cartoon "Steamboat Willie" was shown, which brought wide popularity to the mouse.

The first short animated films with Mickey Mouse were drawn by cartoonist Ub Iverks (1901-1971), Walt Disney's main companion. Until 1947, Disney (1901-1966) personally voiced Mickey Mouse, but due to a chronic cough he was forced to stop voice acting.

As Mickey Mouse grew in popularity began to appear in feature-length cartoons, television, comics, video games, etc. In 1978, the mouse was the first character in an animated film to receive his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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