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The world's largest electric cruise ship makes its first voyage on the Yangtze River

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Watch the China Panorama news program on the Greater Asia TV channel (Issue 82):
  • Shanghai announces measures to support businesses in the face of a serious outbreak of COVID-19< /li>
  • World's largest electric cruise ship makes maiden voyage on Yangtze River
  • China PMI down slightly amid pandemic and geopolitical tensions
  • i>
  • Ice is blown up in the north of China to avoid floods

Shanghai announces measures to support businesses amid severe COVID-19 outbreak

The number of people infected with coronavirus in Shanghai will remain at a high level in the near future, the Municipal Health Commission said. Infections remain in the city, they are still being detected using mass PCR testing. In the future, large-scale disinfection will be carried out in the metropolis. A month will take the processing of office buildings, construction sites, urban transport, farmers' markets and residential areas. title="KP-82-01.jpg">

One of the most serious measures that Shanghai has taken in the fight against COVID-19 is the closure and isolation of urban areas where millions of people live. 


Quarantine was also introduced in the Pudong quarter, which is the financial and economic center of China. It houses 6,000 financial institutions, as well as more than 10 financial markets, including the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Many of them continued to work even after restrictions were introduced.


Zhu Hui, China Foreign Trade Exchange System Officer:

“In early March, we developed a plan in case restrictions were introduced, including the division of key personnel into three groups. Team A is on duty, Team B is on standby, and Team C is in quarantine if necessary.”


To restart the economic center during the pandemic, the city authorities announced support measures for enterprises. For companies, these will be tax breaks, rent reductions, and low-rate loans for small businesses. According to experts, more than a million companies will be able to benefit from government assistance.


The world's largest electric cruise ship makes its first voyage on the Yangtze River
< br> Residents of Hubei province visited an unusual excursion. They were taken along the river by the world's largest electric cruise ship, the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River 1. This was his first flight, in the future he will regularly depart on excursion routes. The name of the ship was given in honor of the picturesque canyons on the Yangtze River and the giant power plant dam of the same name. 16 meters wide and a hundred long, it can accommodate 1300 passengers.

KP- 82-11.jpg

The vessel is driven by three rotary electric motors and a separate block for lateral travel. The total battery capacity is 7.5 MWh - the same as more than a hundred electric vehicles combined. Lithium iron phosphate batteries were placed in four ship compartments. In the event of a fire, each has a dual fire suppression system based on pressurized water mist. The battery charge is guaranteed to last up to 54 nautical miles, or 100 kilometers.


one such liner will reduce annual atmospheric emissions by 14 tons of carbon monoxide, 17 tons of nitrogen oxide and half a ton of solid volatile particles. If the project is successful, more vessels of this class will be built. This will play a significant role in achieving China's carbon neutrality by 2060.


PMI in China fell slightly amid pandemic and geopolitical tensions

According to statistics, China's Manufacturing PMI stood at 49.5 in March compared to 50.2 in February. This indicator is calculated based on a survey of specialists who supply goods and materials for their companies.


A value above 50 indicates an expansion of the manufacturing sector, and below 50 indicates its reduction. According to experts, new domestic outbreaks of COVID-19 and growing geopolitical uncertainty affected the activities of Chinese enterprises in March. These two reasons have disrupted supply chains and limited growth. But all indicators indicate that the Chinese economy is fairly resilient and the decline is short-lived.


At the same time, some indicators increased during the reporting period. Thus, the index of production of raw materials in March amounted to 50.1 percent, which is 3.9 percentage points higher than in the previous month. Growth was also maintained by the financial sector and the information industry. The sectors of transport and entertainment were recognized as the most affected due to the coronavirus outbreak.


Ice is blown up in northern China to avoid floods

In the province of Heilongjiang, the northernmost region of the country, explosions rumble on the river. Ice blocks in the upper reaches of the Amur are being destroyed to prevent flooding. With the advent of spring, the district quickly warmed up, which led to the accumulation of ice blocks in one place. Their melting can lead to a rapid rise in water levels.


Ma Tao, Huma County Water Authority Director:

“Ice jam is a very dangerous accumulation of ice floes during the spring ice drift. It means that the ice in the upper reaches of the river has melted, but not in the lower reaches. Ice floes will overlap each other and interfere with the flow of the river. This is a threat to the life and property of people living along the coast. We decided to carry out explosions to reduce the risks.”


Ice is blown up in those places where it is thickest. Also, the charges are laid where the rivers narrow or sharply change their course. The elimination of ice jams is also necessary to protect bridges and hydraulic structures. If the ice is not broken in advance, it can seriously damage the piles.

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