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The world's first floating police will appear in the UAE

12.10.2019 103 просмотров

The department on the water will open in Dubai, the operatives will serve the World Islands. & nbsp;

The presentation took place at the GITEX technology exhibition. Law enforcement officials did not speak about whether any crime was recorded on the islands of the World Islands archipelago.

Nanotechnology helps in
the work of the police Dubai
Only a few private villas and one beach club have been built in the area, but the Dubai Police believe the population of this coastal area will grow.

About when exactly the branch will begin its work, not reported. Meanwhile, it is known that the first hotel in the archipelago will begin to receive guests this year.

Judging by the layout and photographs of the floating police station, it will be made in the same design as the villas in The Heart of Europe project.  ;

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