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The virus tested the strength of the feelings of Chinese lovers

26.03.2020 34 просмотров

While a number of media outlets reported on the critical mass divorces in China caused by months of domestic imprisonment with their significant other, the Global Times told a love story.

As the entire country battled the coronavirus outbreak, the long-awaited wedding date for Chen Ying, a military nurse from east China's Zhejiang province, has been postponed  - the girl had to fulfill her duty.

Chen and her fiancé Huang Qianrui planned to get married on February 14, but only 36 days after the originally scheduled date, the young Chinese nurse married her chosen one.

This love story went viral after the snapshot of Chen Ying kissing her boyfriend through the glass partition that separates them. They didn't see each other for 11 days - that's how long Chen Ying spent in the isolation room helping patients. The photo immediately spread all over the Internet.

Hundreds of social network users invite the newlyweds to visit, offer their services as tour guides and photo shoots for free.

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