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The Smart City system will be introduced in Uzbekistan

22.01.2019 116 просмотров

The corresponding concept was approved by the cabinet of ministers of the republic.

The project includes eight main areas, and the main task is the introduction of innovative technological solutions in medicine, education, housing and communal services. It is noted that now the country is at the initial stage of the program implementation.

The first smart city will appear
in Kazakhstan >
The country plans to develop the Smart Transport system, which will allow to control traffic flows and the quality of the road surface. The shortest route will be shown to residents by street information panels and applications in smartphones.

It is planned to ensure the safety of infrastructure facilities using video surveillance systems, warning systems and a software and hardware control system. E-education will allow pupils, students and doctoral students lectures without leaving home. The concept contains the item "Smart Medicine". This platform will make it possible to collect biomedical data of patients, maintain network medical records, conduct remote diagnostics and monitor the state of human health.

One of the main directions for the development of the Smart City is housing and communal services. The concept involves automatic coordination of the operation of heating and air conditioning systems, street and driveway lighting systems and energy accounting.

To implement all these tasks, the authorities of Uzbekistan intend to attract investment from private businesses.

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