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The servicemen of the Russian Guard set a record at the "Falconry"

31.08.2021 193 просмотров

Servicemen of the National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation successfully perform as part of the Russian team at the international stage of the Falconry unmanned aircraft competition, which takes place as part of the VII International Army Games "ArMI-2021" at the "Matybulak" training ground in the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

The competition "Falconry" includes several stages. At the first of them, the crews of the contestants competed in deploying complexes with remotely piloted aircraft for a while, preparing them for transportation, conducting aerial reconnaissance and escorting a column of armored vehicles along the gorge. 

not only won the first place, but also set a competition record in time - 2.26 minutes.

Regvardia Record 2.jpg

The program of the second stage included night search exercises and fire training. Here, the servicemen of the Russian Guard showed the best result in shooting from the PM pistol, scoring 108 points out of 120 possible. 

And at the third stage, in the “unmanned” relay race, the crew of the Russian Guard lost only to the hosts of the competition - representatives of the Republic of Kazakhstan.< br>
The Chief Judge of the Falconry Competition, Colonel Isa Dzhalaev, noted that the calculation of the National Guard was a real discovery of the competition. He also stressed that the servicemen of the troops of the National Guard of the Russian Federation proved to be high-class professionals who competed with the best crews from other countries.

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