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The Senate of Tajikistan renamed the ancient city of Kurgan-Tube

20.02.2018 279 просмотров

The Senate (upper house of parliament) of Tajikistan has renamed a number of cities and regions of the country, including the regional center of Kurgan-Tube. Its new name is Bokhtar, local media reported on Monday.

The ancient Kurgan-Tyube is located in the upper part of the Vakhsh valley, 100 km south of the republic's capital, the city of Dushanbe. According to legend, the name arose due to the fact that each traveler was obliged to bring a skullcap with earth, from which they poured a mound with an observation tower.

In addition, the city of Sarband was renamed Levakant, the city of Vose is now called Khulbuk , the village of Shota Rustaveli was named Sargakh.

Exactly two years ago, the last settlement with a Russian name was renamed. The Tajik name Buston was given to the city of Chkalovsk, founded in 1946 as a settlement of a mining and chemical plant. spoke in the government of the republic.

The process of renaming cities and regions of Tajikistan was launched in the early 2000s. Then, at the suggestion of President Emomali Rahmon, the Leninabad region was renamed Sughd. Since 2011, the streets of Pushkin, Lenin, Gagarin, Gogol and even mountain peaks have received new names - the peaks of Lenin, Communism, Revolution.

The Committee on Language and Terminology under the government of the republic believes that more than 1.5 thousand geographical names, including 800 villages, still do not meet the norms of the Tajik language.

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