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The Second Annual International Armored Run "Road of Courage" started in Russia

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The Road of Courage armored run, timed to coincide with the 77th anniversary of the start of the Great Patriotic War, started on Poklonnaya Gora. 17 units of military equipment will follow the places of military glory of Soviet soldiers, along the route Moscow-Brest-Moscow. 

In the column - the legendary fighting vehicles of the last century. The oldest one is almost 90 years old.  Next to them, innovative models of military equipment - "Typhoon-K" and "Typhoon-VDV" - will go to the armored run. 

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For the second year in a row, the motorcycle "Ural" 1963 of release takes part in the armored run "Road of Courage". He, like armored vehicles, will have to overcome 2300 kilometers. 

Armored run Motorcycle.jpg

Maxim Vdovichenko restored this rare transport from four donor motorcycles for five years. Last year, on his iron horse, he rode all the way from Moscow to Brest and back without breakdowns.  

the regiment had a group of intelligence officers on motorcycles. We are trying to keep the equipment in good condition,” says Maxim Vdovichenko, commandant of the Road of Courage International armored run.

 Armored run Maxim Vdovichenko.jpg

The commemorative action united more than 50 people from Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Kazakhstan.  Representatives of the Kazakh Republic joined the armored run for the first time. 

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“For us, Kazakhs and Kazakhstanis, this integration process is important. We follow the path of our fathers and grandfathers, as in 1941. If necessary, we will be able to unite and defend our Fatherland, if necessary,” emphasizes the head of the Panfilovshylar search detachment, Bakhytzhan Utepov. 

Bakhytzhan Utepov armored run.jpg

The route of the run will pass through Borodino, Vyazma, Smolensk and others settlements where bloody battles took place. Descendants will lay flowers at the mass graves of Soviet soldiers.

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“The main task is to preserve historical memory. Our work is aimed at young people, there are a very large number of young people in our ranks, a lot of guys who go with their parents,” emphasizes Alexei Migalin, head of the Military Technical Society. 

Aleksey Migalin armored run.jpg

Arkhip Streletsky is one of the youngest participants of the International armored run "Road of Courage". He is only 10 years old.
“It's a joy!.. I always watched people drive  military vehicles and dreamed of trying it too! Now my dream has come true,” the boy shares his impressions.  

Arkhip Streletsky's armored run. jpg

The race participants received the blessing of Archpriest Alexander Dobrodeev. A representative of the synodal department of the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church served a prayer service and sprinkled the equipment and crew with holy water. 

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