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The Russian Guard launched a motor rally dedicated to the Great Victory

27.04.2022 139 просмотров

On April 27, in Reutov near Moscow, the 5th annual motor rally of the Russian Guard “Memory Watch. Sons of the Great Victory. 

As part of the traditional commemorative action, servicemen and employees of the department in the cities of Rzhev and Ostashkov will visit the burial sites of Soviet soldiers who died during the Great Patriotic War, meet with war veterans and members of the search movement, and organize patriotic events for children and youth. 
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Veterans of law enforcement agencies, cultural and art figures, representatives of public associations and the media are participating in the rally along with servicemen and employees of the Russian Guard. As part of the crew of the Russian Guard, the author of the songs of the Lyube group and other popular performers, the poet and singer Alexander Shaganov, the singer and composer Oleg Makin, the bard, the author and performer of military songs Sergey Linchik, Honored Artist of Russia, Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts Alexander Rozhnikov. The rally is headed by Major General Valery Gribakin, Advisor to the Director of the Russian Guard.

Before the start of the rally, the participants of the action traditionally held a rally and laid flowers at the city memorial of Glory.

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The first rally of the Russian Guard was organized in 2017. For 5 years, events within the framework of the action were held in 200 cities of the country with the participation of about 30 thousand citizens.

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