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The recession in the economy hit Thailand

03.06.2021 41 просмотров

The restaurant business cannot recover from the coronavirus.

The Thai government is concerned about the difficult financial situation of catering enterprises. Hundreds of restaurants and cafes, as well as convenience stores, are closing across the country, unable to withstand coronavirus quarantines that have destroyed their usual customer base.

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Chirayu Na Ranong, 36, owner of CHU CHOCOLATE BAR & CAFE:

"We are one of the first cafes in Bangkok to start operating 10 years ago in the brunch business (combined breakfast and lunch - Note ed.). And for a long time the business prospered. Everything changed, when COVID came in. Everything that happens is not our fault. We here in Bangkok know that there are a lot of people traveling abroad, and also illegal migrants. So the second wave of the pandemic comes, then the third wave. But here's one thing I don't understand: what do I have to do with it? I sell coffee, breakfasts and desserts, and now I have to close the place. And I couldn't survive, because I followed every letter of government regulations. And if you do that, then never make a living."

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Michelle Tinloy, 36, cafe frequenter:

"I'm really worried about the owners for the cafe and for the staff. It's so sad to see the wonderful restaurants in Bangkok and all over Thailand closing one by one."

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Katherine Lawes, 37, cafe frequenter:

"I tried to order as many dishes as I could. I'm used to eating here. Well, the nostalgia comes - I've been going here for 2 and a half years ... We used to get together with the girls to chat at lunch or brunch, sometimes at dinner. So much memories associated with this place.

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The Thai Restaurant Association estimated the daily losses suffered by food service due to SARS CoV-2 to be no less than at 45 million dollars. About half a million workers in this sector lost their jobs after the closure of enterprises.

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