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The President of Russia shared his feelings after vaccination

28.03.2021 44 просмотров

Vladimir Putin spoke about his health after the first covid vaccination.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he had been vaccinated against coronavirus in his left arm, in which he felt slight discomfort a few hours after the injection. The head of state also admitted that he had given up sports for three days.

In an interview toAvl Zarubin for the Moscow. Kremlin. Putin” on the Russia-1 TV channel, the president shared his impressions of the first vaccination procedure, which he underwent on March 23. When asked how he felt after the vaccination, the head of state replied that “almost nothing.”

pain, no, there is some kind of discomfort there,” the head of state admitted, adding that after a few days, if you press on the injection site, “you can feel it a little.” “But these are all side effects,” said Vladimir Putin.

“Just in case, I put a thermometer on my bedside table when I went to bed [on the day of vaccination]. In the morning I woke up after the vaccination, as it seemed to me, it breaks a little. I took a thermometer, measured the temperature - the temperature is normal, ”the president shared. He admitted that “he didn’t go in for sports for three days: he didn’t play hockey, didn’t go to the gym, didn’t swim.”

I denied myself the pleasure of taking contrast baths, I do it almost every day, ”said Vladimir Putin. “If there are no baths nearby, then I do a cold-hot shower,” the president said, recommending that everyone take a contrast shower. “It is the simplest, but very effective, in my opinion, procedure, it supports the immune system a little,” the head of state explained, adding that there is nothing complicated in this.

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