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The President of Russia has acquired absolute immunity from COVID-19

14.04.2021 92 просмотров

The state of health of the head of the Russian state is excellent.

On April 14, Russian President Vladimir Putin was vaccinated for the second time against coronavirus with one of the vaccines officially registered in our country. The president received his first vaccination on March 23. To avoid hidden advertising, the name of the drug is not disclosed. Currently, only 3 vaccines are registered in chronological order of appearance - Sputnik V, EpiVacCorona and KoviVac.

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Vladimir Putin, President of Russia:

"I can inform you that right now, before I enter this hall, I also had a second vaccination and I hope everything will be fine "That is, not only I hope, but I am sure of it! And I wish the same to all of you. I know that you take care of yourself and your loved ones. So do the same and follow my example." 

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From the beginning of the pandemic until mid-April, more than 4,660,000 Russians were infected with the coronavirus. On one day, April 14, 8326 new patients of the infectious departments were identified.

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