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The presentation of the anniversary logo of the SCO took place in Beijing

12.01.2021 133 просмотров

The SCO Secretariat in Beijing presented the logo of the organization's 20th anniversary.

The presentation of the logo of the 20th anniversary of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) took place on Tuesday at the SCO Secretariat in Beijing. The anniversary symbol was presented to journalists by the Secretary General of the organization Vladimir Norov and the Ambassador of Tajikistan to the People's Republic of China Saidzoda Zohir Ozod.

“Let us present the logo of the 20th anniversary of the SCO,” said Vladimir Norov. The presentation of the symbol took place as part of a briefing dedicated to the chairmanship of Tajikistan in the SCO in 2021.

"The symbol is made in the form of the number '20', inside which the emblem of the SCO is framed by [eight] flags of SCO member states", — Norov continued. “[The lower part of the logo shows] satin fabrics - an element of Tajik culture, on which is the inscription "Dushanbe-2021" -the venue for the anniversary SCO summit, - he pointed out.

In turn, Tajik Ambassador to the People's Republic of China Saidzoda Zohir Ozod noted that a large number of cultural events are planned this year as part of the republic's chairmanship of the SCO. “By the decision of the Council of Heads of State of the SCO Member States, 2021 has been declared the Year of Culture of the SCO countries as part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of our organization,” the ambassador said.

“In the context of humanitarian cooperation, in the forthcoming period of its chairmanship in the SCO, Tajikistan intends to hold a number of important events in the city of Dushanbe that will contribute to the expansion of cooperation in  in the fields of education and science, culture, sports, tourism, and work with youth. In particular, the SCO Women's Forum, the SCO Dushanbe Marathon-2021 and other cultural and humanitarian events," the diplomat added.

As Secretary General Vladimir Norov said earlier, The jubilee summit of the SCO will be held in Dushanbe on 16-17 September 2021.

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