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The percentage of cases of COVID-19 has decreased in Kazakhstan

10.02.2021 93 просмотров

Kazakhstan has moved into the low-risk zone in terms of the spread of coronavirus.

From the point of view of the epidemic situation on the spread of coronavirus, Kazakhstan has moved into a low-risk zone in recent days. This was announced on Wednesday at a briefing by the Minister of Health of the Republic Aleksey Tsoi.

“This week, according to the matrix [assessment] of the epidemic situation, Kazakhstan has moved from the zone of moderate risk to the zone of low risk,” — he said.

On February 1, vaccination of certain population groups against coronavirus infection using the Sputnik V vaccine began in Kazakhstan. “Vaccination has begun in all regions, 778 vaccination points have been deployed, of which 166 are currently in operation, all points are equipped with the necessary equipment to provide a cold chain. More than 9,000 medical workers have been trained,” the head of the department explained.

The Minister also recalled that the country is expected to supply and use the Sputnik V vaccine produced by the Karaganda Pharmaceutical Complex. “The production of the first batch of 90 thousand doses has already begun, which will be available for shipment to the warehouses of a single distributor and further to the regions by the end of February. Subsequently, by July of this year, the volume of production will be increased to 2 million doses,” said Aleksey Tsoi.

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