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The people of Afghanistan hope for an early opportunity to withdraw cash

06.09.2021 70 просмотров

Afghan residents hope that the Taliban will be able to ease the restriction on cash withdrawals from bank accounts in the near future.

Recently, the commercial and financial systems of Afghanistan are gradually resuming their activities. The streets of the country's capital Kabul are once again filled with people, shops and businesses are gradually reopening.

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According to the announcement of the Taliban (traffic is prohibited in Russia), each bank account holder can withdraw no more than 200 US dollars per week, which creates a significant inconvenience for local residents.

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"I think the Taliban leadership is should first of all solve the security problem in some parts of the country, and also fulfill their promises as soon as possible.Now people cannot withdraw more than $200 a week from a bank account.This is a big problem, because for $200 you can not cope with all the problems, especially for those who have someone in the family sick," says Kais, a mobile phone salesman.

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