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The number of people vaccinated against COVID-19 in Thailand reached 50 million

19.03.2022 51 просмотров

More than 50 million people in Thailand have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

More than 50 million people have been fully vaccinated against a new type of coronavirus by the Thai authorities. Such data was announced on Friday at a briefing by the deputy spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the kingdom Natapanu Nopakun.

According to  ;Start of vaccination from 28 February last year to 17 March of the current year "more than 126.7 million doses of vaccines were used." “54,663,051 people received the first dose of the vaccine, 50,057,356 people were fully vaccinated,” he said.

At the same time, among the immunized, more than 22 million people, or 31.7% of the population, received the third vaccination. Nopakun specified that in order to change the classification of coronavirus as an endemic disease, “it is necessary that 60-70% of the population vaccinated in the country receive a booster dose.” According to him, there are several months left until July 1, when COVID-19 is planned to be reclassified, so this goal is quite feasible.

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