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The number of cases in India does not exceed 100 thousand people for the fourth day

11.06.2021 122 просмотров

The total number of infections for the entire period of the epidemic in the country has reached 29,274,823, the Ministry of Health notes.

The Indian authorities registered 91,702 new cases of coronavirus infection over the past day, the total number of people infected during the entire epidemic in the country reached 29,274,823. As the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare reported on its website on Friday, the number of deaths associated with the infection has increased by 3,403 per day and amounted to 363,079.

For the fourth day in a row, the Indian Ministry of Health registers less than 100 thousand new infections: on Thursday, the department reported 94,052 new cases of coronavirus infection, on Wednesday - about 92,596, and on Tuesday - about 86,498 infected. Prior to that, since April 5, the daily number of new cases of infection exceeded 100 thousand, and since April 15 - 200 thousand people. In May, this figure exceeded 400 thousand five times, the anti-record was recorded on May 7 and amounted to 414,188.

Over the past 24 hours, 134,580 patients recovered from COVID-19, the total number of cured patients was 27,790,073. recovery of patients increased to 94.93% of the total number of infected. At the beginning of the week, on June 7, this figure was 93.94%, while on May 29 it was 90.8%, and on May 3 it was 81.77%.

1,121,671 people undergo treatment on Friday morning patient, which is 46,281 less than the day before. According to the Ministry of Health, over the past 24 hours, 3,274,672 people have been vaccinated against coronavirus infection, the total number of vaccinations in the country has reached 246,085,649.

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