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The November forum in Singapore will be the first international offline event in the country in recent months

05.10.2020 84 просмотров

In Singapore will host the first international exhibition since the start of the pandemic in November.

The Travel Revive International Tourism Exhibition will be held in Singapore from 25 to November 26 and will be the first such event during the pandemic, which will be held in the traditional format. This was announced on Monday by its organizers the company Messe Berlin ("Messe Berlin") and the  Tourism Council of the republic.

"About 150 people are expected to attend the forum, mostly from Asian countries, " Meanwhile, representatives of the Council clarified that the easing of social restrictions that came into force on October 1 allows to attract up to 250 participants.

The organizers also noted that during the exhibition, which will be held at the Marina Bay Sands complex, “various contactless technologies will be used, some of the pavilions will be closed with a special clear glass to reduce the risk of infection transmission. In addition, “discussions are underway with singapore authorities to apply various digital tools that will allow tracking of participants and visitors from their arrival of the for for for for for for for   Mess Berlin.

The first stage of lifting the socio-economic restrictions introduced here on April 7 began on June 19. Then parks, beaches were opened, most shops, restaurants and cafes began to receive visitors again. On July 1, the work of the most popular museums, amusement parks, zoos, and casinos was resumed, and on September 28, the authorities almost completely removed the requirements for remote work for employees of most companies and enterprises.

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