Opening Asia for Russia

The new collection was presented by Uzbek designer Zhenya Kim

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The embroiderers of the republic helped her, they made all the patterns.

The girl, who moved from Tashkent to Moscow about 20 years ago, specially returned to her homeland to create the spring-autumn-2019 fashion trend. 
Kim worked on the new collection for half a year. She created original shirts, dresses, jackets, trousers and skirts.  

Jenya Kim's collection. Photo: 

Zhenya's clothes are a legacy. Before coming up with a brand concept based on Asian culture, she experimented with sports and business styles for three years, trying to find her own. Kim's desire to show the beauty of the national costume made her noticeable in the fashion industry.

Collection of designer Zhenya Kim. Photo:  

Zhenya Kim studied at the Carl Faberge College, and had an internship with Vyacheslav Zaitsev.

Jenya Kim's collection. Photo:

One of the professional achievements of the girl  - prestigious world fashion award - nominated for the Woolmark Prize. 

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