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The name of "Beauties of Azerbaijan-2019" has become known

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Economist Melisa Nuriyeva won the prestigious competition in the republic.

The girl works in a government agency. In her spare time, she also works in modeling and acting.

Miss World 2019 for the first time
chosen in Thailand
As Melisa said, she has already taken part in many international beauty contests abroad, but she has not advertised it anywhere, Sputnik-Azerbaijan reports.

To take part in the national project "Beauty of Azerbaijan » Nureyev was persuaded by friends. A total of 13 girls made it to the final. According to Melisa, each of them was worthy of victory, but the jury members chose her.

“It was a surprise for me. I can’t say how I differ from other girls, but I think the jury members saw something in me, since they chose the best. My friends and colleagues were very happy for me. Unfortunately, not everyone can accept the victory of other people: I received both congratulatory and negative comments. But I'm fine with criticism. Everyone has different tastes,” Nuriyeva said.

She plans to continue combining three professions. The girl says that  is ready to represent the country abroad, but is not going to leave forever. 

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