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The most expensive shoes in the world were shown in the UAE

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These are gold heeled shoes that are encrusted with 30-carat diamonds and meteorite particles.

They were shown in Dubai. The presentation of shoes worth almost $ 20 million took place on one of the private yachts in Marina Bay.

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$17 million shoes 
The meteorite particles used to create shoes were discovered in Argentina in 1576.

It is worth noting that in 2017 the designer already created a pair of stilettos worth $120,000 . Meanwhile, the current Guinness World Record is $15.5 million for a pair of shoes.

Earlier it was reported that shoes with sand in heels. An unusual project was launched by designer Sheikha Al Ali.

“We are a nation that grew up in the desert, this is comfort and home for us. After all, it's not bad to always have a part of it with you? ”The author says.
The price of design development is $315. While the range of shoes is limited.  

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