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The most expensive crab sold at the Japanese auction

08.11.2019 117 просмотров

A snow crab caught in Tottori Prefecture sold for 5 million yen (about $46,000).

The weight of the marine life was a little more than a kilogram. Its high cost is due to the fact that it is included in the  Itsukiboshi (Five Sparkling Stars) category, which is distinguished by the highest quality of the product. 

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Purchased by Tetsuji Hamashita, owner of a fish store in Tottori. The buyer plans to resell the marine inhabitant to one of the restaurants. The businessman noted that the cost  turned out to be higher than expected, but this crab turned out to be exactly what he wanted to buy in terms of its characteristics. 

Similar auctions in Japan are very popular. Bidding generates public interest and draws attention to the products of fishing cooperatives. It is worth noting that last year the same buyer paid about $18,000 dollars for another crab. 

The lot was registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive item bought at auction. 

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