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The Moscow Metro demonstrated the highest level of competence in the fight against coronavirus

26.03.2020 40 просмотров

As part of the fight against SARS, the Moscow Metro demonstrated to journalists and members of the public that it is conducting the most thorough disinfection of all subway rolling stock.

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"In accordance with the approved rules , we disinfect, first of all, door handles, cash registers, turnstiles and escalators, - said Dmitry Doshchatov, First Deputy Head of the Moscow Metro. - For door handles, disinfection is carried out often - once every one and a half to two hours. tickets are disinfected once per hour".

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It is curious that the workers of the largest transport system of the Russian capital are not limited to wiping the surfaces of the cars, but even purify the air inside the trains, blowing the entire volume with special aerosols. 

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It also became known that the Moscow Metro has begun disinfection of stations and tunnels. These works are carried out at night. All medical instructions are strictly followed. In just one week, the employees of the subway cleared 150 kilometers of tunnels.

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