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The Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia has chosen a new format for notifying the population about the situation with coronavirus

30.11.2020 103 просмотров

The Saudi authorities will update the pandemic situation weekly, not every every day.

Saudi Arabian authorities will now report on the situation with coronavirus in the country on a on   s   basis every day, as it happened until recently. Mohammed al-Abd al-Aali, a spokesman for the Kingdom's Ministry of Health, said on Sunday, as reported by the Saudi Press Agency.

According to he, the Ministry of Health intends to use "a new mechanism for annbsp;the situation with coronavirus in the country." According to al-Aali, this mechanism “is to provide information on the state of affairs in the fight against coronavirus based on a weekly map of the number of new infections, and not in the  daily reports of the ministry.”

Such a decision, as the representative of the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom explained, was made “in view of the stabilization of the level of infections [with coronavirus] in the country in the last week.”

According to the ministry, the total number of people infected with coronavirus in the kingdom today is just over 357,000 people. , the number of deaths among patients with coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic has exceeded 5.8 thousand

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