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The Ministry of Health of Abkhazia turned to Russia for help

14.07.2021 129 просмотров

We are talking about sending specialists to the country to work in the covid hospital in Gudauta.

The authorities of Abkhazia turned to the Russian Federation with a request to provide assistance to the republic in the fight against coronavirus. This was announced to journalists on Tuesday by the Minister of Health of Abkhazia Eduard Butba.

We are talking about sending doctors to the republic to work in the covid hospital in Gudauta. Last year, doctors from different regions of Russia worked there on a rotational basis.

“The leadership of the country and the Ministry of Health of Abkhazia wrote letters to the Russian Federation so that Russian colleagues would help us. But we must understand that they also have an increase in the incidence,” said Eduard Butba. He stressed that at present, due to the difficult situation, all internal reserves have been mobilized in Abkhazia, additional departments are being opened for the treatment of covid patients. “We will manage, we will win, there is no doubt about it, but when Russian colleagues came, it was easier,” he said. and in Sukhum, a multidisciplinary military hospital of the RF Ministry of Defense worked for six months, and "it was a huge help." The head of the Ministry of Health said that many patients in hospitals require expensive treatment with drugs that are very difficult to obtain in the Russian Federation. “We are looking for every opportunity to deliver such drugs to Abkhazia, using contacts at different levels,” he said.

According to Eduard Butba, in addition to adults, children are actively about 50 children with coronavirus are brought to the Sukhumi polyclinic for examination, each is provided with the necessary assistance, “the situation is under control.”

free medical care. “If someone needs hospitalization, we put them in a hospital,” he said.

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