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The military of the Russian Federation and Syria held anti-terrorist exercises in Tartus

27.02.2021 161 просмотров

The Russian and Syrian military conducted a training session to repel an attack by militants in Tartus.

Russian and Syrian military personnel held a joint training session to repel an attack by militants on a logistic support point (PMTO) in Syrian Tartus. According to the plan of the exercises, they attacked him both from land and from the sea, using, among other things, several drones, Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Golovkin, deputy head of the PMTO, told reporters.

militants in two directions, one of which played the role of a distraction in order to pull the security forces to this checkpoint. On the second direction was the main blow of the militants. At the same time, unmanned aerial vehicles of a mock enemy were operating, which were destroyed by air defense means, ”said Sergey Golovkin.

During the training, intelligence discovered five drones approaching the base from the sea. Three of them were destroyed by the Tor anti-aircraft missile system, two more managed to break through, they were met with fire by the marines. military police post and broke into the base, but were destroyed by the mobile reserve of the RF Armed Forces on an armored personnel carrier with the support of Syrian military personnel. “The quality of our interaction is achieved through training with Syrian military personnel. There are translators who help us,” said Sergey Golovkin.

As a representative of the Syrian armed forces, General Yousef Abboud, explained to journalists, the experience of the Russian side is very useful for the Syrian military to repel militant attacks. “The fight against terrorism is an international task. We do not find any difference in approaches. And based on the results of the training, we will analyze our actions in order to eliminate all the comments made,” he stressed.

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