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The medical authorities of Hokkaido announced an urgent medical examination of the population

11.03.2020 52 просмотров

On the northernmost island of the Japanese archipelago, Hokkaido, strict measures have been announced to prevent the spread of the new SARS virus.

responsible decision was made by the local authorities due to the large number of infected people - about 100 people. 

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The local population showed full understanding of the situation when the head of the region addressed the local TV channel to residents with a request not to leave their homes for the next 15 days, except for the most necessary cases, that is, for work and for going to the grocery store.

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"Sapporo now has the highest number of coronavirus cases," says Ryo Yamaguchi, chief physician of the infectious diseases department at the Sapporo City Central Hospital. that this is due to the correctly set diagnostics. If in all other regions of the country this issue was taken as seriously, then the number of officially registered patients would also increase. We have learned something from the experience of Wuhan, China, and we hope that we will be able to contain the spread of the epidemic."

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For example, over a thousand people were tested in Hokkaido in a few days, while in all of Japan the total number of people tested does not exceed 10 thousand.

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