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Opening Asia for Russia

The longest training session in the world was held in Vladivostok

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Watch Big Asia News (Issue 796)
  • Lebanese parliamentary elections summed up
  • Against the backdrop of an increased flow of customers 
  • The longest training session in the world was held in Vladivostok
  • The Atashikun Eskimo Dance Ensemble performed at the festival "Russia - the Universe of Sound" 

Parliamentary elections in Lebanon summed up

The Lebanese Interior Ministry has announced the results of the country's parliamentary elections. The Shia movement Hezbollah and its associates lost their majority and won 62 out of 128 seats in the National Assembly. 


> Independent deputies took 13 seats, and the right-wing Christian, Western-oriented "Lebanese Forces" became the largest Christian party in parliament. They received 20 mandates. The last elections were the first since the beginning of the strongest political and socio-economic crisis in Lebanon, which erupted in 2019. Turnout was 41%.


Singapore restaurants are looking for new employees amid an increased flow of customers

Singapore lacks waiters, cooks and other staff in the catering industry. Recently, the country eased anti-covid restrictions and now large groups can go to cafes and restaurants. Restrictions on the number of people have been lifted.


ready to receive a large number of visitors. Due to the pandemic, many employees with foreign nationality have long since left Singapore. Now the owners of the restaurant business are raising salaries just to fill the staff and meet the skyrocketing demand.


Zhang Ruijie, restaurant owner:

“Kitchen staff salaries have increased by about 20-30 percent. Finding maintenance staff after the lifting of restrictions has become more difficult. And cleaning costs almost doubled."


The cost of electricity, gas and groceries has also risen, and therefore businessmen are forced to gradually raise prices in their establishments. The National Federation of Employers of Singapore has already called on entrepreneurs, trade unions and the government to work together to solve the problems and help the economy recover. 

The longest training session in the world was held in Vladivostok< br>
A record-breaking long training session was held in Vladivostok - it lasted 10 hours without a break and entered the Russian Guinness Book of Records. 

BA-796-15. jpg

Stanislav Konenko, Chief Editor and founder of the Book of Records of Russia:

“In Vladivostok, a new world record was set and recorded - this is training in the largest number of sports taking place simultaneously in one location for 10 hours. A very impressive record. I can say that hardly anyone will beat him anytime soon.”


Training was conducted by Olympic champions and winners of world championships in 15 sports. Among the participants are young athletes. Such a large-scale action was organized in honor of the 77th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. "The Day of Records and Victories" - this is how the event was called - attracted more than four thousand people. 


Evelina Yurygina, training participant:

"I'm so glad that this training and these games happened! I learned a lot, learned a lot from this coach.”

The young athlete, like many other teenagers, took part in a master class from Irina Privalova, Olympic champion in athletics. She tried to show the younger generation the right approach to training and talked about the technical side of running.


Irina Privalova, Olympic champion in athletics:

“Everyone thinks that sprinting is a natural quality, get up and run. No. In fact, there are certain technical patterns that need to be laid down from childhood: the correct positioning of the body, the positioning of the arms, the positioning of the body, the correct reduction of the hips. Eif a person is able to run fast, it will give him a big advantage in the future."


Novice athletes will be able to show their abilities this summer at the Children of Asia International Games. Competitions will be held in Primorsky Krai from July 27 to August 8. A record-breaking workout was held ahead of the world competitions.


Elmir Valitov, Director of the Directorate of the Children of Asia Games:

“Everything is being organized based on the fact that we have the International Games “Children of Asia” ahead of us. We decided to show the whole world and set a world record in 15 sports that are set in the Children of Asia Games. About 26 countries are declared, these are the countries of the Asian region. There will be 1650 participants, namely athletes, about 700 judges, representatives of countries - about 300. In general, about 5000 people will come. 


International Sports Games "Children of Asia" will be held for the seventh time. Young athletes under the age of 16 will compete in 19 sports, including boxing, table tennis, shooting and rhythmic gymnastics. A total of 275 sets of medals will be raffled off.

Atasikun Eskimo Dance Ensemble performed at the Russia – Universe of Sound festival

Akh'pak 'ug'vik' is the name of the concert. Translated from the Eskimo, it means "a place for dancing meetings." National dances, throat singing, authentic costumes and jewelry. The amazing culture and traditions of one of the smallest peoples of Russia - the Eskimos - were shown to the Moscow audience. The performers are the Eskimo dance ensemble "Atasikun".


For the inhabitants of the "end of the Earth" - Chukotka, dances and songs have been an integral part of everyday life for many centuries. Heavy waves of the Arctic Ocean, hunting for sea giants, whales, ancient holidays of the Eskimos, tundra and camps - the artists managed to convey all the beauty and originality of their people. Towards the end, the ensemble announced a "free dance" and invited the audience to take the stage. There were many applicants.


The concert of the Eskimo Ensemble "Atasikun" became part of the large-scale festival "Russia - the Universe of Sound". It arose on the basis of the famous international forum of the Moscow State Conservatory. P.I. Tchaikovsky "The Universe of Sound", which for all 19 years of its existence has been collecting the brightest, deepest and most intimate cultural phenomena of the world.


Among the participants of the new project are not magnificent "pseudo-folklore" ensembles, but genuine bearers and true experts in the primordial traditions of numerous regions of Russia - from Chukotka to Dagestan. Outstanding performers of Iranian and Indian classical music, as well as representatives of the "high cultural tradition" from Mongolia are invited as guests. The festival "Russia - the Universe of Sound" will last until October 30. Only in the next two months, artists from Buryatia, Yakutia, Tatarstan, Sakhalin, Tyva and Taimyr will perform with concerts in the halls of the Moscow Conservatory and the ZIL Cultural Center.

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