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The leader of South Ossetia was vaccinated by Sputnik V

26.06.2021 41 просмотров

The President of South Ossetia was vaccinated with the Russian vaccine against the coronavirus.

The President of South Ossetia, Anatoly Bibilov, was vaccinated with the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, press secretary of the head of the republic, Dina Gassiyeva, told reporters on Friday.

“Anatoly Bibilov was vaccinated against coronavirus infection. The President came on Friday for vaccination at the polyclinic of the Republican Multidisciplinary Medical Center in Tskhinval. After being injected with the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, Anatoly Bibilov feels well and continues his working day in accordance with his schedule," Gassieva said.

The head of state noted the importance of mass vaccination as the only way to stop the spread of COVID-19. “If a person considers himself responsible to society, then, of course, he must be vaccinated. Unfortunately, we usually forget that people have died from COVID-19. For our society, this is a great tragedy, a great loss. Therefore, you still need to think not only about yourself, but and about the people around you, and be sure to take root,  quoted the President's press secretary.

In total, 342 people have been vaccinated with the first component of the vaccine and 175 with the second component.


At the end of April, South Ossetia received the first batch of the coronavirus vaccine from the Russian Federation — two thousand doses of the Sputnik V drug. Vaccination of the population began on May 4. The first to receive the vaccine were medical workers and people who are at risk with severe pathologies of the disease.

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