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The leader of Mumiy Troll will be helped in choosing a “Far Eastern hectare”

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An entry about this appeared on the Facebook page of the agency for the development of human capital in the Far East.

In a recent interview for the Eastern Economic Forum magazine, the musician complained that he could not choose a suitable site for himself. Ilya Lagutenko said that this happened due to the fact that the process of choosing a land plot on the site was not developed. In addition, there was no free option suitable for a rock musician. 

When the agency staff found out about this, they were "very upset" and expressed their willingness to help the musician decide. Also, the agency reminded that now the site has
A natural park will appear on the "Far Eastern hectares"
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choose from over 197 million hectares, and the  support hotline operates 24/7. The message on the Facebook page clarifies that the mechanism for selecting the "Far Eastern hectare" on the site is quite simple and understandable, and the entire registration process takes no more than 52 days. 

According to Lagutenko, if he gets a land plot, he would create a creative residence for artists and musicians. Also, the leader of the Mumiy Troll group specified that in retirement he would be engaged in breeding a sea stalk. This is a bivalve marine mollusk 7-15 centimeters long. Settles in the intertidal zone of beaches at a depth of up to 9 meters. It is eaten and considered a delicacy.

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