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The largest checkpoint on the border of Russia and Mongolia reopened

12.09.2021 104 просмотров

The vehicle checkpoint on the Russian-Mongolian border in southern Buryatia - Russia's largest checkpoint on the border with Mongolia - opened on Friday after nine years of reconstruction. This was reported to journalists in the government of the republic.

"After reconstruction, a multilateral automobile checkpoint (MAPP) across the state border of the Russian Federation Kyakhta was opened. The checkpoint was upgraded according to the federal target program. times the number of people (up to 5,000 people a day)," the government said.

At the facility, the reconstruction of which began in 2013, a new infrastructure has been created for border, customs and other types of control services. More than 40 buildings and structures for administrative, economic, household and engineering purposes have been built. Work has also been carried out to equip the border crossing with modern equipment.

Due to the doubling of the number of traffic lanes, the flows have been separated. The government noted that this will improve security, as well as increase the speed of delivery of goods, the main of which for export are timber and lumber and food products, for import - products of animal origin, feed, food products.

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