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The Japanese government has decided to populate land near the accidental Fukushima reactor

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Eight years after the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, the government declared that part of the territories adjacent to the reactors no longer poses a threat to the life and health of the population.

In this regard, a decision was made on the possibility of returning local residents to the Fukushima suburb of Okuma. 

Even though people running in a hurry, then abandoned their homes and all their property, only a few of them agreed to re-register in their homes. The total number of "returnees" does not exceed 13%. Of the 367 residents in the city, just over 40 stayed overnight. 

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However, Okuma is slowly being revived. Work has already begun on clearing the streets and connecting energy sources to de-energized houses. For the remaining territories contaminated with radiation, the government proposes a radical method of sanitation: removal of the top layer of earth from the entire irradiated surface and the accompanying cutting down of trees, followed by the burial of "dirty" soil. 

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Ecologists do not consider this method of dealing with radiation to be optimal. 

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About 40,000 people were evacuated in 2011.

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