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The Indian Air Force conducted a unique rescue operation

27.09.2018 135 просмотров

In the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, which, translated from Hindi, means "country of snowy mountains", local rescue services carried out a unique operation to rescue German climbers trapped in a high-altitude ice trap.

The foreigners were evacuated by a rescue helicopter at an altitude considered inaccessible due to the rarefied atmosphere.

India Ministry of Emergency Situations 2.png

According to the Indian Ministry of Emergency Situations, heavy rains have been falling in this region in recent days, quickly followed by frost. This led to numerous landslides and collapses on mountain roads. As a result, both the local population and numerous guests of the state found themselves blocked in the highlands.

India MES 4 .png

The head of the state government, Jai Ram Thakur, personally led the rescue operations, as more than 350 people were cut off from civilization in the mountains, most of which was blocked in the vicinity of the double pass of Baralacha La. 

India MES 1.png

Currently, the rescuers have already managed to establish contacts with the victims and provide them with everything necessary for survival.

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