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The heads of the UAE and Israel are the new contenders for the Nobel Prize

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Benjamin Netanyahu and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Winner of the 1998 Nobel Peace Prize for participation in the settlement of the conflict in Northern Ireland, former head of the Ulster Unionist Party David Trimble nominated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan for  ;winning this prestigious award in 2021. This was reported by the office of the Israeli Prime Minister.

“Nobel Peace Laureate Lord David Trimble today (Tuesday, 24 November 2020) nominates Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Crown Prince Mohammed of Abu Dhabi bin Zayed to receive the Nobel Peace Prize,” the message says. "In accordance with the rules of the Nobel Prize Committee, since Lord Trimble is the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, his decision to nominate Prime Minister Netanyahu will lead to a discussion of this issue by this committee," the office noted.

On August 13, 2020, US President Donald Trump tweeted that during a phone call with the Israeli prime minister and Crown Prince Abu- Dhabi agreed on the normalization of relations between the Jewish state and the UAE. On September 15, in  Washington, the Israeli side signed documents on peace with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, which Netanyahu called then a "turning point in history", which "as a result will help once and for all put an end to the Arab-Israeli conflict ".

Israel's trilateral deal with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain has been dubbed the "Abraham Accords" in memory of a biblical character considered the spiritual ancestor of all followers of Judaism, Christianity and Islam . Palestine was categorically opposed to these agreements. On October 23, Trump announced that Sudan and Israel had agreed to normalize relations under the Abraham Accords.

Norwegian MP Christian Tubring-Jedde, member of the Progress Party, nominated Trump for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize in September. In his opinion, the President of the United States deserves this award for his role in the agreement on the normalization of relations between Israel and the UAE.

Peace Prize

The Peace Prize, according to Nobel's testament, is awarded to "the person who has achieved the greatest success, or who has done more than others in rallying the peoples and reducing the number of active armies, and holding peace congresses and drawing attention to    In recent years, the wording of more than a century ago has been interpreted quite broadly, which is why the decisions of the committee are often criticized. The laureates of the award in recent years have included politicians, human rights activists, political activists and humanitarian organizations with merit in a variety of fields.

On October 10, the Nobel Peace Prize for 2020 was awarded to the World Food Programme.

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