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The head of Rossotrudnichestvo spoke about changes in the work of the organization

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Evgenia Borovaya will tell about the most interesting events in the life of Russian compatriots living abroad.

See in the issue:
  • The head of Rossotrudnichestvo told about changes in the work of the organization
  • The results of the "Day of Russia on the Turquoise Katun" became known;
  • < li> The Marbella embankment was decorated with a large map of the world;
  • A flashmob dedicated to Russia Day took place in Argentina.

Forum Evgeny Primakov told the Izvestia portal about the reorganization of Rossotrudnichestvo. The head of the Agency noted that functional departments appeared in the structure of the department, and anti-corruption missions are also being carried out. According to the head of Rossotrudnichestvo, reforming the organization is a lengthy process that will take a lot of time.

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international development. There is a back office that deals with legal, legal, financial issues, and there is a functional department,” said the head of Rossotrudnichestvo.

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One of the main topics for discussion in the interview was the renewal of Russia's image in the international arena. Evgeny Primakov shared his thoughts on how to interest foreign audiences, and also noted the need to instill love for national culture and a genuine interest in our country. Let me remind you that today there are 97 representative offices in 80 countries of the world in the Rossotrudnichestvo system.

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Altai Territory hosted the IX All-Russian festival of traditional culture, called "Day of Russia on the Turquoise Katun". Every year it brings together Russians and compatriots in order to preserve and popularize Russian culture and traditions in Russia and abroad. The event took place on the shore of the popular mountain lake Aya. Visitors were able to take part in folk games and amusements, purchase works of masters, take part in master classes, get acquainted with the culture and life of the peoples inhabiting Altai. For compatriots who were not able to join the festival this year, lectures were held online. This was told to our TV channel by the Chief Specialist of the Department of the Administration of the Governor and the Government of the Altai Territory for external relations and protocol Elena Bazina.

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“These were expert meetings with leading experts in the field of Russian folklore who came to the festival as participants, and in parallel they became lecturers at our events, - clarified Elena Bazina. - During the event, more than a thousand of our compatriots representing Russian cultural centers abroad, and all those who are not indifferent to Russian culture and traditions, have joined us. The scope of such countries is also huge. This is Europe, and the countries of Asia, and from Africa, and from America they watched us. In general, we received the most pleasant and very warm reviews. And we understand that we are on the right track.” 

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Elena Bazina added that the lecturers got acquainted with ancient Russian traditions, rituals and “male dance”, and also tried to answer the question why a person needs singing. In addition, the expert noted that such events demonstrate the entire cultural diversity of our country and allow you to feel involved in our common tradition and history. The festival is organized within the framework of the state program "Development of Culture of the Altai Territory". About eight hundred people took part this year.

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On the occasion of the Day of Russia, a 200-square-meter map of the world was unfolded on the embankment of the Spanish city of Marbella. The action was held for the first time and was prepared by the Department for Work with Foreigners of the City Hall, the Nash Dom Association and Russian School No. 1 in Marbella. Special QR codes with information about objects related to Russia were placed on the map. With their help, Russian compatriots living in Spain and guests of the event could get to the websites,

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telling about the cultural and historical sights of our country. Moreover, the information was posted in two languages: Russian and Spanish. Member of the Board of the Union of Organizations of Russian Compatriots in Spain and Andorra Irina Chistyakova told our TV channel what other events were held that day on the city embankment.

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interest, there was an excellent concert of groups, children's groups, adult groups, singers who live on our coast. Master classes for children and adults in the Russian language, a master class in mathematics, which caused a stir among the children, because they asked several times to conduct, to tell. Well, this is very pleasing, because Russian mathematics, of course, is very different from Spanish. Master class on painting decorative items, Gzhel. A master class on painting nesting dolls, a master class on making and decorating cookies, a photo zone "Matryoshka", - said Irina Chistyakova, adding that a live broadcast was organized, in which a TV guide from Moscow gave a tour of Red Square in Russian and Spanish. 

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Russia Day in Argentina was celebrated with an online flash mob. The video project was organized by the Russian Center of the University of Buenos Aires under the leadership of the member of the World Coordinating Council of Russian Compatriots Silvana Yarmolyuk. The Russkiy Mir Foundation supported the initiative. Well-known people, leaders of public opinion in Latin American countries recorded videos in which they answered the question of what Russia means to them. The action was attended by the President of Argentina Alberto Fernandez, the Ambassador of Argentina to Russia Eduardo Suain, the Minister of Health of the Province of Buenos Aires Daniel Gollan, as well as the popular Uruguayan singer and actress Natalia Oreiro. Confessing her love to Russia, she adorned herself with a kokoshnik. 

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The organizers of the event thanked all the participants who expressed their love and affection for Russia and the Russian people.
More news can be found on the bigasia website .ru in the Compatriots section. We will continue to keep you informed of events in the life of Russian compatriots living all over the world. 

The host of the issue is Evgenia Borovaya, the head of the program is Alexey Novatsky.< /b>

The program is created with the support of the Department of External Economic and International Relations of the city of Moscow

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