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The head of Kalmykia declared February 16 a day off on the occasion of the spring holiday Tsagan Sar More on TASS:

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Tsagan Cap is translated from Kalmyk as the White month, this holiday is timed to coincide with the end of the wintering of cattle and the beginning of spring.

The spring holiday Tsagan Sar, which will be celebrated on February 16 this year, has been declared a public holiday in Kalmykia, the corresponding decree was signed by the head of the republic Alexei Orlov, the press service of the head of the region told TASS on Thursday.

"Head of Kalmykia Alexei Orlov signed a decree according to which February 16, 2018 was declared the National Holiday of Tsagaan Sar. This day will be a day off in the republic," the press service said.

It is noted that various events are planned on the occasion of the spring holiday. In particular, a regional festival of national cultures will be held in the Iki-Burul region of the republic, within which the best national ritual, the most beautiful national costume will be selected, and the jury will also determine the most delicious dish of national cuisine. In addition, according to tradition, in the central khurul (Buddhist temple - approx. TASS) of Kalmykia "The Golden Abode of Buddha Shakyamuni" on February 16, a large festive prayer service will be held.

wintering of livestock and the beginning of spring. On this day, it is customary to prepare fragrant Kalmyk tea and bortsgi, as well as to go on a visit.

It is believed that the holiday unites society and helps to better understand the centuries-old traditions and the national character of the people. The date of the holiday falls on different days in different years.

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