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The head of Adygea is confident in the effectiveness of vaccination in the fight against coronavirus

15.07.2021 130 просмотров

Head of Adygea Murat Kumpilov was vaccinated against COVID-19.

On Wednesday, the head of Adygea, Murat Kumpilov, was vaccinated against the coronavirus infection.

“I got vaccinated against coronavirus. I I am convinced that vaccination is the most important and reliable way to fight the epidemic, and only it will allow to overcome the virus and avoid the introduction of new restrictive measures. Despite  the presence of antibodies after my illness, I heeded the recommendations of doctors, got vaccinated and  I urge the residents of the republic to also be conscious,  - he wrote on Instagram.

Today, more than 68,000 children have been vaccinated in Adygea. people, there are 34 vaccination points for residents of the republic. Minister of Health of the region Rustem Meretukov was tasked with increasing the supply of the three vaccines available in the country and not allowing failures in this important process, Kumpilov added.

Earlier it was reported that the vaccination plan in the region was completed by more than 30%. According to the Ministry of Health of Adygea, out of the number of people vaccinated against coronavirus infection, 207 people fell ill with covid, which is about 0.3%. None of them had severe COVID-19.

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