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The first flight tests of the new IL-96-300PU have been completed

10.04.2021 76 просмотров

The new Il-96-300PU aircraft for the Rossiya special squad has successfully passed the first flight tests.

The first factory flight tests of the new Il-96-300PU were successfully completed on Friday at the Voronezh Aircraft Plant (Voronezh Aircraft Building Association, VASO), where the aircraft was assembled for the Rossiya special flight squad. The first flight lasted almost two hours, a source in the aviation industry told TASS on Friday.

“The new Il-96-300PU for the Rossiya special flight squad successfully completed its first flight tests,” he said.

According to the interlocutor of the agency, the flight of the new Il-96-300PU began at 10:30 Moscow time and ended at 12:24 Moscow time.

According to the press service of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), during flight at altitudes from 5 thousand to 9 thousand meters, the stability, controllability of the aircraft, the performance of all its systems and the power plant were checked. “During the descent, the radio-technical means of landing approach were checked. The flight duration was about two hours,” the UAC added.

The aircraft has a modernized flight and navigation system, and a new painting technology has been applied, which provides additional airframe protection. “The IL-96 program traditionally provides the main load for the plant. About 70% of the company's employees are employed on this project. Today, we are consistently provided with orders under the Il-96 program,” the press service quoted VASO Managing Director Farit Sharafeev.

The Il-96-300 aircraft is a wide-body long-haul passenger aircraft. In its aerodynamic layout, design and systems, the latest design solutions are used to ensure a high level of safety and efficiency of the aircraft in operation. In the Russian Federation, the IL-96-300 is used only by a special flight squad "Russia", serving the first persons of the state. The plane, which made its first flight on Friday, became the 24th Il-96-300, assembled at the Voronezh Aviation Plant.

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