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The first flight of the Turkish aircraft Hurjet is scheduled for 2023

13.05.2022 371 просмотров

The head of the country's Defense Industry Directorate, Ismail Demir, previously reported that the Hurjet would surpass the American F-35 in performance characteristics.

The Turkish-developed Hurjet combat aircraft will make its first flight in 2023. Ismail Demir, head of the country's defense industry department, announced this on Wednesday.

“A line is being created for the production of the first units [of the aircraft]. 2023 is the time when our national combat aircraft will leave the hangar and make its first flight,” he said in an interview with NTTV.

Previously, Ismail Demir reported, that the Hurjet will outperform the American F-35 in performance characteristics.

Since 2017, the Turkish fighter has been developed by the national aerospace company TUSAS.

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