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The first flight from Moscow arrived in Phuket in 1.5 years

07.11.2021 102 просмотров

There are 275 passengers on board.

Aeroflot's first flight from Moscow to Phuket in 19 months arrived on Saturday. About this corr. Vladimir Sosnov, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Phuket, told TASS.

According to him, the first passenger flight of the Aeroflot airline from Moscow has landed in Phuket. “This is the first such flight 19 months after the break due to the coronavirus pandemic,” the diplomat said. “On board, which was traditionally greeted with a water arch, there were 275 passengers.” Vladimir Sosnovadded that "starting next week, Aeroflot will operate regular flights on the Moscow-Phuket route twice a week."

According to information received by the Consulate General from the Phuket Provincial Health Authority, Coronavirus was not detected in Russians who arrived from Moscow to Phuket. Meanwhile, diplomats reported that four passengers did not have the necessary documents to cross the border. “One adult and a child aged 10 did not have entry permits, two young children did not have the results of PCR tests,” the Telegram channel of the Russian Consulate General in Phuket notes. “The Phuket authorities, as an exception, allowed these citizens to proceed to the territory of the island, despite their gross violation of the established regime for entering Thailand.” “According to the current regulations, in the future, citizens, including minors, arriving at Phuket airport with an incomplete set of required documents will be fined and deported to their country of origin at their own expense,” the diplomatic mission added.

On November 1, the list of tourist destinations available for arrival and visiting the territories of the kingdom by citizens of all countries expanded to 17. Russians vaccinated by Sputnik V can arrive in Phuket from September 1 without isolation, but with a mandatory stay within the island for seven nights. From November 1, they can visit Bangkok and Pattaya under the same conditions.

From November 9, the Russian Federation resumes flights with Thailand. Aircraft will fly from Moscow to Bangkok and Phuket with a frequency of two flights per week, as well as from Russian airports, from which international flights have been resumed (one flight per week on each route).

In Thailand, whose population is 69.6 million people, the first case of coronavirus infection was detected on January 13, 2020. On Saturday, the Ministry of Health informed about 8.4 thousand infected and 69 dead per day. At the moment, the total number of infected people in the kingdom has exceeded 1.93 million, more than 1.81 million people have recovered, and 19.6 thousand patients have died.

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