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The feat of Russian couriers is captured in bronze

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The world's first monument to couriers who worked on the streets at the height of the coronavirus epidemic appeared in Russia.

The world's first monument to couriers who helped Russians receive food and other goods daily during the COVID-19 epidemic, a period of strict isolation when citizens were forbidden to leave their apartments and houses, was unveiled in Moscow. 

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"About the monument, of course, it takes pride! - says one of the representatives of this profession. - For the first time in my life I see and hear that a monument to couriers was opened. It's really pretty cool! I've never seen anything like this. And during of the pandemic, courier work was quite in demand in the country".

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What made couriers happy during self-isolation of citizens? 

"Empty roads, and the speed of delivery of orders and the volume of orders more than on ordinary days - all this contributed to an increase in earnings. And they had time to finish before,” say the guys who worked as couriers. “It's great in general! I have been working for 2 years. Well, I help people so that they don't go hungry." 

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Customers of the service were also satisfied: "Since I am a creative person, because I spend a lot of time on work and study - even I work online at home - it helped me a lot".

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The sculpture of the author's work by Alexei Garikovich appeared in the possession of the Association of the Ryabovskaya Manufactory in Kholodilny Lane. possible".

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