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The dog who comes to meet the same train every day has puzzled the Network

25.02.2018 119 просмотров

The dog's strange behavior has caught the attention of passengers at a train station in Mumbai, India, the Mirror reports.

The animal comes to the platform every day, waits for the evening 11-hour train, looks into the same car, as if looking for someone there, and then leaves the platform.

Eyewitnesses note that the dog looks into the car, where only women can ride. They suggested that once her owner left on this train and now the dog is waiting for her to return.

According to another version, some woman using this train fed the animal several times, and now it is waiting for her to bring food again.

One of the locals recorded an unusual dog ritual and posted a video on social networks. He noted that she had four puppies and offered to try to find a home for them.

According to the railway staff, the dog was first noticed on January 2, after which she began to come to the platform daily

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