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The development strategy of Yakutia will be determined by experts

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Representatives of civil society will also be involved in the work.

As the head of the region, Aisen Nikolaev, told reporters, a group of experts will work on a development strategy for the republic until 2032. Two years ago, the government of Yakutia already adopted a development program until 2030. Nevertheless, as A. Nikolaev specified, the document will change. “We are tying the development strategy to 2032, the 400th anniversary of Yakutia joining the Russian state,” the governor said. 

previously unknown salamander found in Yakutia 

According to him, now the approach to working on the document will be different. The expert group will include not only professionals in a certain area, but also representatives of civil society. According to the authorities, this will make the program more understandable and close to the residents of the Republic. 

Along with the development of industries traditional for Yakutia (diamond mining, coal mining, hydrocarbons), the regional government will bet on increasing the share of the innovation sector. A. Nikolaev noted that more attention will be paid to the development of the creative economy, innovative industries and the IT sector. 

As the governor specified, the main priority of the new development strategy is a person who should "live richly and beautifully." “Based on this, the strategy will be formed, including taking into account new approaches to the development of the economy,” Aisen Nikolaev emphasized.

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