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The Clean Cappuccino campaign starts in Tyumen

17.03.2020 100 просмотров

Local coffee shops will give a discount to those customers who wash their hands.

The event is organized to prevent the spread of coronavirus.  

Chlorine is treated with
buses in Ashgabat
Promotion organizer Vladimir Sbitnev noted that in such an unusual way, the organizers of the Pure Cappuccino hope to teach local residents to follow the rules of personal hygiene. 

“People often neglect to wash their hands, so we want to instill in people such a useful habit,” says Sbitnev . 

Recall that Russia, like many countries, is taking serious measures to prevent r the spread of atypical pneumonia. 

Thus, air communications between states are interrupted, many educational and preschool institutions are closed, mass cultural and sports events are cancelled. In addition, most enterprises are transferring their employees to remote work. 

In order to protect yourself from coronavirus, experts advise, among other things, to wear masks, use disinfectants and wash your hands thoroughly. 

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