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The Chinese called Aeroflot their favorite foreign airline

17.04.2018 47 просмотров

The Russian carrier has received the Flyer Award in this category for the second year in a row.

For the second time in a row, Russian air carrier Aeroflot received the annual Flyer Award in the Favorite Foreign Airline category in Shanghai. The decision was made following a vote by almost 50,000 regular customers of the world's largest airlines.

Chinese travelers have paid special attention to the fact that Aeroflot planes have advertisements in their native language, and menus with dish names written in Chinese are also served. In addition, the Chinese version is also available on the website of the Russian airline.

The Flyer Award is held with the information support of the official gazette of the Chinese Civil Aviation Administration (CAAC), the state news agency Xinhua , and the industry magazine China Aviation.

Winners are selected by voting by frequent flyers and members of an expert jury.

Recall that Aeroflot's base Moscow airport, Sheremetyevo, is part of the China Friendly program, which involves adapting infrastructure facilities for ease of use by Chinese citizens.

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