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The charter will connect Tbilisi and Makhachkala

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The first flights will depart from Dagestan to Georgia in the summer.

In particular, the aircraft of Yuvt Aero company will start flying from June 21. Kamila Gamzatova, Assistant General Director of the Makhachkala Airport, announced this.

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to Armenia and Georgia 
According to her, direct charter flights will be operated by Myway and UVT Aero three times a week: on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The trip itself will take about 40 minutes. Ticket sales have already begun.

Earlier, Big Asia reported that a direct flight would be launched from Grozny in Tbilisi. This will happen after a break of 30 years. In Soviet times, the flight was carried out daily, and the journey took no more than 45 minutes. 

The management of the Chechen airport emphasized that this direction would be in demand among passengers. “We have agreed with the Georgian side, we are waiting for an answer as to who will act as the carrier,” said Sultan Gambulatov, director of the Grozny air harbor.

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