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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia announced the maximum support for business in the context of new sanctions

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Philippines restore life after Tropical Storm Mega »

Filipino rescuers continue to search for more than 100 people missing as a result of landslides caused by Typhoon Mega.

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It affected 9 regions of the country, due to causing a total of 459 floods and 88 landslides to hit dozens of towns and villages. Search and restoration work is underway. They pass in difficult conditions: rains continue, the ground is washed out. 


Lemuel Traya, Mayor of Abuyog:
< br> “When our rescuers first set foot on the search site, they drowned in the ground up to their waists. Therefore, excavation is very difficult.”


All rescuers can do now is to patrol the surroundings of the affected villages in search of victims of the elements. As a result of tropical storm "Megi" 224 people died, hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes. The authorities placed the victims in evacuation centers. Many return to their native settlements every day: they hope to learn at least something about their missing relatives. 


Jomar Mandes, local:
“Our relatives lived in this part of the village, more than 30 people. We are now trying to find them."


The Philippine authorities have allocated more than 64 million pesos - about 90 million rubles - to restore infrastructure in the affected areas. Families that lost their homes due to the disaster will be provided with new housing.


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia announced maximum support for business under new sanctions
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia will provide maximum assistance to entrepreneurs in the face of sanctions. This was stated by the head of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation Sergey Katyrin. Today, not all businessmen have figured out how to work in the new era. That is why full information support is needed.


Sergey Katyrin, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation:

“If we are to build an information space here, it must, of course, be unified, so that both business and the consumer, including, can navigate in this regard. Information is the key to making decisions. Our aim is the following – both for our colleagues in the federal chamber and for our colleagues in the regional chambers – maximum assistance to local entrepreneurs, maximum – they work in the foreign market, they work in the domestic market. We must do our best to help them find their way.”


According to Sergey Katyrin, one of the most popular support measures for businesses has become credit holiday. The vast majority of companies have applied for such assistance. In addition, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry has already issued 153 force majeure certificates to entrepreneurs - this is an official confirmation that it is impossible to fulfill obligations to counterparties under foreign trade contracts. The organization predicts that this year it will surpass the pandemic 2020, when the Chamber received more than 1,200 appeals, for which 517 force majeure certificates were eventually issued.


-newcomers who decide to enter foreign markets. The priority is Iran, Turkey, China and the Arab countries. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry recommends that such enterprises, first of all, study how competitive their products will be in the chosen market, and decide on the system of mutual settlements. Significant assistance can be provided by business councils at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, uniting Russian businessmen with colleagues from other countries. According to Sergey Katyrin, one of the most active is the Russian-Emirates Business Council, which is headed by the head of the Rosgeo holding Sergey Gorkov.

< br> Sergey Gorkov, Director General of JSC Rosgeologia, Chairman of the Russian-Emirates Business Council:

“We constantly have a team of people who which is located in the Emirates, on a daily basis, that is, constantly, provides assistance. It can be both online and physical, there, consultation and support. That is, you can go to the site, contact us and we will provide support. That is, it is close to the specific conditions of a particular market.”


Even under sanctions, none of the 76 business councils at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry has closed. Foreign delegations also come to the organization, including those from the countries of the Eurasian continent. One of the main topics of discussion is the system of mutual settlements. Many foreign representatives talk about the need to switch to payment in the national currency. Also on the agenda of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry are issues of maintaining and updating supply chains and information support for entrepreneurs in the regions of Russia. 


Eurasian International Book Fair was held in Nur-Sultan

The Eurasian International Book Fair took place in Nur-Sultan. More than 80 companies from Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, China, Iran and Spain came to present their new editions.


This exhibition is a real treat for book lovers. There is literature of different genres and for all ages. Among them there are bestsellers and world masterpieces, including those in the Kazakh language. Many and gift editions in expensive execution. For example, "Words of Edification" by the poet and philosopher Abay Kunanbayevis the best-selling book in the country.

BA-794-24 a.jpg

Almira Suzhikova, editor-in-chief of the publishing house (Kazakhstan):< /b>

“Here is a golden binding, a golden edge. Here, too, embossing, leather. We publish it annually. People take as a gift mostly. Because Abai's "Words of Edification" is published a lot in Kazakhstan. And look at the interior design. I think this is a reference book for every Kazakh.”


More than 50 Russian publishing houses presented their collections and novelties. Their representatives say that even in the era of new technologies, the book remains in demand.


Sergey Kaykin, Deputy Director of the Directorate of International Book Fairs (Russia):< /b>

“Demand [during the pandemic] in this segment practically did not sink. Now people are very actively reading books on self-development. Everything related to building yourself in different areas: business, family, home, personal life. This is what is in demand. Non-fiction is in demand – serious literature.”


A publishing house from Yakutia visited the fair for the first time. We got for a long time. To Novosibirsk, Omsk - by plane, to Nur-Sultan - 13 hours by car. But they didn't regret it at all. Their products aroused great interest among visitors already on the first day.


August Egorov, head of the Ayar publishing house (Yakutia):< br>
“Of course, these are our children's publications, fairy tales, myths, legends of the North. Also books about shamanism, about Yakutia. There is a great desire to establish contacts here in Kazakhstan, to work together with Kazakh publishing houses. Because we have the same roots, the same culture.”


Publishing houses from Turkey, Iran, Spain and China had their stands at the fair. open up new opportunities for both publishers and readers. 


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