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The call of the Chinese leader, flights in a new way, ancient instruments of China - see the China Panorama-145

22.05.2022 40 просмотров

Watch the information and publicistic program "China Panorama" on the TV channel "Greater Asia" (Issue 145):
  • Xi Jinping called on the BRICS countries to promote peace and development in an era of turbulence
  • China upgrades national civil aviation air route network
  • Ancient Musical Instrument Exhibition opens in China
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Xi Jinping urged the BRICS countries to promote peace and development in an era of turbulence 

President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping delivered a video message to the foreign ministers of the BRICS countries. In his speech, he stated that the world is going through an age of change, in which factors of instability and uncertainty are increasing. 


Xi Jinping, President of China:

< i> “As active and constructive participants in international affairs, the BRICS countries should, with firm will and courage, effectively promote peace and development, uphold justice and equality, defend democracy and freedom, and thereby bring stability and positive energy to turbulent international relations. History and reality tell us that attempts to ensure our own security at the expense of the security of other countries will only lead to new conflicts and risks. The global security initiative I have put forward is designed precisely to achieve indivisible security throughout the world.” 


According to Xi Jinping, the BRICS countries should strengthen the political mutual trust and cooperation in the field of security, increase coordination and interaction on topical international and regional issues, respect sovereignty, security and development interests. 

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Xi Jinping, President of China :

“Development is a common challenge for both emerging economies and developing countries. In the face of various risks and challenges, strengthening solidarity and cooperation between these countries is more relevant than ever. The BRICS countries need to establish dialogue and exchanges with other emerging economies and developing countries in order to strengthen mutual understanding and trust, strengthen cooperation ties, unite and strengthen the power of progress in the name of the common destiny of mankind.”

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The Chinese leader noted that it is important to oppose the policy of force, resist the mentality of the cold war and bloc confrontation in the interests of creating a community with a common destiny for mankind.

China is updating the national civil aviation route network

China has adjusted civil aviation routes in the Beijing-Guangdong airspace, which connects the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay area.


Due to the adjustment, the connecting part of the Beijing-Guangzhou air route with the Greater Bay area will open. This channel connects the north and south of China and is an important part of civil aviation. 

Zhang Junjie, Air Traffic Control Bureau of China Civil Aviation Authority:< br>
"The Grand Canal will effectively connect two hub airports in Beijing and major regional hub airports in Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau."


19 new routes have already appeared in the airspace and about 5,000 have been adjusted. The new flight plan will affect seven provinces, two municipalities, as well as the territory along the Beijing-Guangdong route. The navigation scheme will change at 145 airports in China. 


Zhang Junjie, Air Traffic Control Bureau of China Civil Aviation Authority:

“After the launch of the plan, the number of airborne conflicts on the Beijing-Guangdong route will be reduced. One-way flights from Beijing Capital International Airport to Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Macau will be reduced by 125 kilometers.  Thanks to this, about 17,000 tons of fuel can be saved and carbon emissions reduced by about 54,000 tons.


After the implementation of the plan, the number of flights on the main overloaded echelons on the Beijing-Guangdong segment will be reduced to 70%. This will significantly reduce traffic in the airspace. It is expected that the capacity of the renovated air routes will increase by almost 40%, which is of great importance for the economic development of Beijing.


An exhibition of ancient musical instruments has opened in China
An exhibition of Chinese ancient musical instruments has opened in Wuhan, Hubei Province. It presents 116 exhibits created before the 3rd century BC. Musical relics were provided by 15 cultural institutions and museums of the country.


Visitors will be able to see what instruments looked like thousands of years ago, learn how their production and sound improved over time.

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Wei Mian, exhibition curator, researcher at the Hubei Provincial Museum:

“This exhibition is about the harmony of the sound of musical instruments and how music influenced people and even the state system. Analyzing the development of musical instruments in the pre-Qin period, the exhibition reveals the development of the system of ritual music.


The exhibition features the famous Chongyang bronze drums, Qingong percussion instrument, as well as new musical archaeological finds . 


Fang Qin, curator of the Hubei Provincial Museum, director of the Institute of Cultural Relics and Archeology of Hubei Province:

“These are the treasure bells of the youngest son of the emperor of the State of Chu. They were discovered at a site in Yichang, which dates back to around 771 BC. This is the earliest set of bells discovered by archaeologists. It gives insight into the development of the state of Chu, including the development of the music of the entire Yangtze River."


The exhibition in Wuhan will last three months. In addition to musical exhibits, it presents interactive audio and video materials that help visitors to fully immerse themselves in the sounds that arose thousands of years ago. 


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